Online Learning Series


Rabbit Hole Learning offers online learning series that provides deeper insights along certain topics important to creating a learning culture.  Each of our learning series is a deeply collaborative series of sessions that will ensure that you have practical skills to immediately apply to the situation you bring to these personalised learning series!

  • Maximum 10 participants
  • Direct coaching
  • Experimentation to practice between weekly 1-hour sessions
  • Applicable practices for each session; applicable systems for each series

Register as an individual for focused individual coaching through the sessions, or register team members for a team focused learning series!

Contact for NFP discount if you are a non-for-profit organisation.


ShiRHLfting to Habit-Based Learning
Facilitator: Marian Willeke
Eventbrite - Shifting to Habit-Based Learning (Online Learning Series)

Join this online learning series to discover the science of making learning a habit in everyday behaviour; shifting from task-based training approaches to a habit-based learning mindset! Let us help learning become as natural as breathing.

  • Session 1. Learning in Short, Focused Bursts
  • Session 2. Building the Learning Habits
  • Session 3. Aligning Learning Needs with Action
  • Session 4. Measuring the Right Things



Tackling Learning Bias
Facilitator: Marian Willeke
Eventbrite - Tackling Learning Bias (Online Learning Series)

Join this online learning series to identify the learning impediments your team faces and discover strategies for addressing each bias! Walk away with tangible strategies to address the biases and shift how our teams perceive the role of learning in problem-solving. 

  • Session 1. Identifying Learning Bias on the Team
  • Session 2. Addressing Success Bias
  • Session 3. Addressing Expertise Bias
  • Session 4. Addressing Conformity Bias
  • Session 5. Addressing Action Bias



The Science of Motivation
Facilitator: Marian Willeke
Eventbrite - The Science of Motivation (Online Learning Series)

Join this online learning series to discover specific strategies you can use to transform training into a connected learning experience that motivates at an intrinsic level! It’s not enough to simply transmit knowledge; we need to inspire … we need to create the space for continuous improvement.  

  • Session 1. Storytelling for Behavioural Change
  • Session 2. Turning Data into Purpose
  • Session 3. Designing Stories: Sharing Knowledge vs Engaging Change
  • Session 4. Amplifying Energy with our Listening



Rethinking the Instructional Design Process
Facilitator: Marian Willeke
Eventbrite - Rethinking the Instructional Design Process (Online Learning Series)

Join this online learning series to discover an agile framework you can use to develop workshops, training modules, or academic curriculum for ensuring effective learning practices that includes scalability, measurability, and motivation.

  • Session 1. Reducing Cognitive Overload: Shifting our Approach
  • Session 2. Integrating Engagement: Achieving Personal Value
  • Session 3. Mapping the Learning: Creating the Framework
  • Session 4. Promoting Authentic Assessment: Measuring the Right Things
  • Session 5: Creating Flow & Clarity: Ensuring the Details






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About Marian

My passion is centered around ensuring effective learning experiences that improve people's lives. Developing a learning mindset is my ultimate goal whether working with academic programs or corporate training; formal or informal learning practices. It is my belief that our potential for agility is limited only by our capacity for learning.