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Training is an important aspect of the learning process…

…and it is not the same as a learning culture. 

Training Mindset Learning Culture

Our organisations claim the desire for strong learning cultures; employees with mindsets that give them a competitive edge. You’re given the task to raise motivation and retain awesome employees, thereby ensuring a robust company.

Yet the biases we face in the company are tough to shift. Conforming is the norm for job security and perceived safety. Urgency dictates a mindset of hard work getting results without the time invested into reflective decision making. We find that outside influences and advice drive the decisions instead of prioritising staff engagement. And worst of all? We discover that individuals believe that they can only rely on themselves.

These biases will always prevent understanding of the real problems. They will always prevent shared ownership and vision. They will always prevent direct communication lines. What they will do is always ensure individual, team, and departmental silos.

So how do we address the biases we face that prevent us from being a learning organisation? How do we integrate a mindset of motivated and engaged continuous learning throughout the organisation?

There is a need to shift from a task-based training to habit-based learning. Even if you deliver fantastic workshops, you are still left with a single engagement that cannot possibly influence long-term behaviour or shift major biases. Sustained behavioural change requires fundamentally shifting how our teams perceive the role of learning in problem-solving.


Rabbit Hole Learning will help you integrate a learning culture within the overall organisational strategy …

… giving you the strategies to champion your organisation’s culture and values …

… giving you the flexible framework to ensure each individual’s maximum potential …

… giving you measurable methods for addressing team and organisational issues through behavioural shifts.



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My passion is centered around ensuring effective learning experiences that improve people's lives. Developing a learning mindset is my ultimate goal whether working with academic programs or corporate training; formal or informal learning practices. It is my belief that our potential for agility is limited only by our capacity for learning.