Agile Learning Culture


You use agile to deploy an agile transformation;

use habit-based learning to deploy continuous improvement.

Continuous Learning

Is Agile really Agile if transformations simply involve implementing different processes? Or is it just another gut-wrenching experience of change for the employees?  For an effective and sustainable Agile transformation, new behaviours, activities, and learning habits must take root; in a way that’s integrated and healthy for your employees. After all, your customer experience can never exceed your employee experience.

Unfortunately, it’s really hard to accelerate transformation without significant investment in mentors for your teams. One tiny problem though: the needed degree of team-embedded coaching can’t be scaled in the current agile industry.

Yet we need the new behaviours … engineers, product leaders, facilitators … all of these roles require actionable learning to build the new habits. This can’t be done in a 2-day training session no matter how amazing the workshop. They need new knowledge, practice, reflection, and adjustment in a continuous cycle as they work through the skills.

Of course transformation leaders will recognise this simply as the PDCA cycle, only this time it is applied with the habit-based learning focus for the individual and team. Like any continuous improvement journey, it needs to be easy, approachable, and completely accepted.


Rabbit Hole Learning will help you bring these skills in your organisation. We apply our own methods to helping you learn the habits needed to build a habitual learning culture within your company …

… giving you the basics of applying the habits (learn more!)…

… giving you the coaching for your practice and refinement …

… giving you the sustainability for delivering effective, impactful learning as a part of your Agile Transformation!

RHLSound too good to be true? Check out or go directly and check out our workshops, online learning series, and events!


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