Rabbit Hole Learning

Integrating learning culture into the organisational strategy.


Disruption. Stagnant culture. Disconnected behaviours. Sound familiar?

Addressing these deeply rooted challenges requires more than swift, sure action. It requires fundamental changes in how you and your teams perceive the world. Can you shift your mindset to learn constantly with speed, focus, agility… and passion? Will you go down the rabbit hole?

Rabbit Hole Learning is excited to guide, nurture, and coach your learning strategy to offer every individual a voice for continuous improvement, allowing your learning framework to evolve at the speed of your business.

There are plenty of learning practices already out there, and while many are quite excellent, they often fall short of inspiring the learning culture needed for companies to lead their markets.

Coaches, facilitators, trainers, and instructional designers battle the inevitable, yet unseen constraint: your cognitively tired employees do not have more hours in their days.

Eventually, we all arrive at the same ultimate question: How do we make learning an innate component of our everyday working lives?

Rabbit Hole Learning focuses organisations on developing specific skills across the following themes:

  1. Transforming ways to develop personalised learning.
  2. Creating a culture of learning throughout the organisation.
  3. Enabling every individual to contribute to the learning strategy.
  4. Making learning a habit in everyday behaviour.


Starting your culture of learning!
Any leadership role has the opportunity to create a culture of learning on their team(s) by 1) identifying the problem, 2) determining the habits necessary to address the problem, and 3) implementing practice to create the habits. Check out the Learning as a Habit template (Layout 1 – Layout 2) to help start that process, and call us for how you can scale learning like this across the organisation!

Learn more about designing your own team’s learning habits on Ryan Ripley’s Agile for Humans podcast with Marian Willeke and Don Gray!



RHLGo down the rabbit hole of real change and return transformed!


Consulting Opportunities

Learning program development
Module or course development
Training ROI
Authentic learning
Microlearning architecture


Workshop Opportunities

Learning Architecture Workshop (2 days)
Create a flexible learning design adaptable to change!

Framing the architecture – designing for your organisational needs
Aligning outcomes and proficiencies – designing for your personas
Storyboarding the content – designing for focused and fast learning
Creating the facilitation strategies – designing for intrinsic motivation
Measuring the learning – designing for organisational learning measurements



About Marian

My passion is centered around ensuring effective learning experiences that improve people's lives. Developing a learning mindset is my ultimate goal whether working with academic programs or corporate training; formal or informal learning practices. It is my belief that our potential for agility is limited only by our capacity for learning.