Hedgehog Learning

Nurturing learning behaviours for individuals and teams.


Hedgehog Learning is learning together in short, focused bursts aimed towards managers and their teams to transition abilities into excellent performance. This continuous learning experience invites you to transform personal effectiveness that is fully integrated into your daily work life and applied in real world situations without the extra time that workshops demand.

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Hedgehog Learning focuses teams on developing specific skills across three themes:

  1. Increasing self-awareness and team trust with “Why”
  2. Practicing ways to promote learning in any situation
  3. Aligning personal value to larger shared goals

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About Marian

My passion is centered around ensuring effective learning experiences that improve people's lives. Developing a learning mindset is my ultimate goal whether working with academic programs or corporate training; formal or informal learning practices. It is my belief that our potential for agility is limited only by our capacity for learning.